Here the sacred patterns sequence continuation and the other artworks use in the Food For The Soul Comes From Within music video by Tryptology.

Youtube video :

The last message from Intentional Species is the 4 Mantras on the track Release by Zoungla. After it, that I put other images which carry powerful informations.The Global Portals/Canals are now fully open.

The Intentional Species Awakening by the 32 sacred geometries pattern and the Flower of Life.

The Flower of Life, most well known and most represented sacred geometry pattern on Earth in many civilizations and Co Bra has talked about it last june 2019.

The Kundalini Snake which when awake, release and free the all 7 Chakras. A Kundalini rush. Kundalini Yoga is a way to awaken the Snake. Primordial and very powerful tool which Shiva (Enki/EA etc…) has left to us.

Thot / Hermes – The Book Of Thot – Version 1Version 2

The Cintamani gems message. Make researches about this mineral. Very powerful, useful and effective. Co Bra also has also talk about it.

Sacred Patterns, Mantras and Symbols in PNG from 14 to 32 from Food For The Soul Comes From Within Portals Opening Rebirth

Compression Breakthrough (Co Bra), Primordial Knowledge and Insights From the Foor For The Soul Video Music Rebirth

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